Twitter | Koo and Government of India

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Koo, however at the moment there are a lot of technical issues...

Twitter, Koo and Government of India

Twitter is just a social media company from a foreign country. Every multi national company has to obey the laws of the land. This is worse than invasion by the East India company three centuries back. Creating turmoil and looting is their objective. People need to move out of twitter. A hashtag accusing a constitutionally elected Prime Minister of committing genocide of farmers is not freedom of speech and expression. Sometimes It really like the way how Chinese government treats such companies in their country. Founders of such companies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest feel like they are great and offer great service to the world but actually they are businessmen, not more than that.

Twitter | Koo and Government of India
Twitter is just a social media company from a foreign country. Every multi national company has to obey the laws of the land.

Currently there is a newspaper that there is a 'controversy' between Twitter and the government. Of course, the news has been discussed assuming that the government will be wrong, so almost all the newspapers have printed the explanation given by Twitter as per their own, but what is the real situation?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, which means social media that lets you have your say in 280 letters to the world. Of course, the word media or platform assumes that Twitter is just a medium to let users have their say without any internal censorship, not a media that takes on such a certain editorial role. Twitter is a multinational company and of course when a company is working in a country, it is mandatory for the company to follow the laws of the country, whether the company agrees or not. If a law feels unjust or investigative to a company, the company can go to court but the decision is of the court, not the company.

No company can decide for itself that we don't like a certain law or we make a decision because ' in our opinion ' it's not a violation of the law. The law of the country is mandatory for everyone and it cannot be optional whether it is for an individual or an institution.

On January 26th, there was incompetent violence in the Red Fort under the name of farmer s' movement in Delhi, Indian national flag was insulted, more than 200 policemen were fatally attacked by violent mob, rumors spread that a ' farmer ' died in police firing, and such False hashtags were spread in provocative and rumors using Twitter in critical situation. It was violent, provocative and of course a hashtag of the hope that Prime Minister Modi will massacre farmers. Several indigenous-foreign handles were campaigning against India in the name of farmer’s agitation, including the handles of Khalistani and Pakistani organizations declared as terrorists by India.

Taking note of this, the Indian government had ordered Twitter to close 1178 accounts of Pakistan and Khalistan supporters spreading misinformation about the farmer s' movement on February 4 Earlier, Twitter was also ordered to remove false hashtags that the murder of farmers was being conspired. The government had said that spreading such false and provocative information is not in the interest of the public system. The order was also given to the high-ranking officials working on Twitter that action will be taken on Twitter if the order is not followed by Indian law. But Twitter did not take action on all the Twitter handles said by the government, writing a blog post on it and declared that Twitter will not take any action against the accounts of media workers, journalists, social workers and politicians. Because doing so will violate the fundamental right of freedom of expression given by Indian law, Twitter thinks.

It is the responsibility of the central government to maintain law and order in India. The central government has the right to decide what steps to take for that. Twitter is a private company that cannot unblock the tweets and Twitter handles asked by the government to block. A private company cannot judge whether the law of a sovereign country is fair or not, or the government of India has taken a suspicious role that a private company cannot take the optional role of a government order that we will just follow your orders.

In fact, Twitter is just a social platform to express one's thoughts. Or Twitter was such a free platform that's why it became so popular in a short time. But then Twitter took a solitary role in changing its terms and conditions and as a company started taking a solitary role in the politics of the country they belong in. Twitter chief Jack has clearly admitted that Twitter is a company leaning towards leftist thoughts. Twitter had banned Trump from Twitter for taking a similar one-sided role in the US presidential election. The same Twitter is playing a convenient double stance in India today as 'We will not block politicians because they are against freedom of expression'.

India is a big market for Twitter. Twitter had 27 million users in India in 2019 The company hoped it would grow by almost 15 percent in 2020 India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among the leaders with the most Twitter followers in the world. Modi government has used Twitter the most for governance. This government definitely knows the power of social media. Such a situation, Twitter can't afford this stubbornness.

As an alternative to American Twitter, the Government of India has launched an authentic Indian micro blogging app. The Koo app developed by a young man, AatmaNirbhar Bharat InnovateChallenge based in Bengaluru was the winner of the Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat InnovateChallenge last year. This app is available on Google Store and IOS. It's easy to use too. Currently Koo App is in strong air. The Coo app is still trending even on Twitter. Many government departments including Ravi Shankar Prasad and Piyush Goyal are coming to the queue. Of course its next move depends on whether the Kooapp can handle this much traffic. But in the form of a Koo app, Twitter's monopoly stands for a strong alternative to an authentic, self-reliant India.

Now we have to see where this conflict between Twitter and the Indian government takes a turn, but on that occasion, it is not that we are looking for an Indian alternative in Big Tech.


  • Twitter blocked Trump. It is refusing to block hashtag farmers genocide. Its ideologies and partisan policies are obvious.
  • Sometimes It feel Chinese policy regarding media platforms is correct.
  • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Koo, however at the moment there are a lot of technical issues.

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